Do you sell furnaces?

No. This is another company that shares the Adams Manufacturing name and is completely unrelated to our business.

What exactly does Adams Manufacturing sell?

Adams Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer and innovator of exceptional-quality resin furniture and accessories. We’re also the world’s leading supplier of high-quality suction cups, as well as Christmas decorating hardware and accessories.

Serving both residential and commercial markets, Adams’ primary customers include some of North America’s largest on and offline mass merchant and hardware retailers. We also service major commercial accounts, like water and theme parks.

Are you a public or private company, and when were you founded?

Adams Manufacturing is a private company. We were founded in 1976 and officially incorporated in 1981. In 2018, we were acquired by Keter Group.

​Are your products really “Made in the USA?”

Yes. Our suction cup line is 100% Made in the USA using domestic material. Our furniture and accessory product lines are considered, “Made in the USA of domestic and globally sourced material.” We are 100% headquartered in the USA and all of our products are conceived, design-engineered, and fully transformed at our state-of-the-art facility located in Portersville, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit our American Made page.

​What makes your products different?

Some would have you believe that a chair is just a chair; or a suction cup is just a suction cup. But we beg to differ. As a leader in resin furniture & accessories and suction cups, we have always used innovation to make our products better. Our never-ending pursuit of manufacturing excellence allows us to deliver these products at the highest possible quality and value.

Can I get a price quote?

Absolutely! Getting a no-obligation price quote on any of our products is easy. Simply call customer support at 800.237.8287, option 2 when prompted.

​What materials are used to make Adams products?

We use PVC or phthalate-free material for our suction cups. Our furniture and accessories are made from high-quality polypropylene (resin).

Who do I contact if I have more questions about your company?

Simply call customer service at 800.237.8287, option 2 when prompted.

To reach a specific department, visit our Contact Us page.

​If I have a new idea for a product, who do I contact?

Because of our own internal product development initiatives, we aren’t actively seeking outside ideas. However we will, on occasion, consider outside ideas and/or licensing opportunities that are directly related to our current product lines – specifically those that enjoy some degree of patent protection. As a rule, we generally won’t sign NDAs upfront until mutual interest is established. Please send inquiries to:

​Who do I contact for media or PR requests?

Please send inquiries to:

​Are you hiring?

Due to unprecedented company growth and high demand for our products, we are constantly seeking motivated and hard-working individuals who are dedicated to expanding their skills and advancing their careers. Learn more by visiting our Careers page.

​Do you have a website privacy policy?

Yes. Please visit our privacy page.

Where can I find a list of your current product patents, including your virtual patent page?

Adams Manufacturing