From the shop floor to the front office, Adams Manufacturing is deeply committed to achieving the highest levels of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

In an age where quality and innovation are often an afterthought, Adams has never lost sight of its core mission to produce the highest-quality products at the best value.

We are able to achieve these unprecedented levels of manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction by focusing on continuous lean improvement, manufacturing best practices, and product and process innovation.

Processing Capabilities & Equipment:

  • 24/7/364 operation, based entirely in the U.S.
  • Clean and safe environment for all employees, with ongoing safety training and inspections
  • Late model “Made in USA” machines, including new custom-built, state-of-the-art molding presses
  • Injection molding machines from 55-2600 ton, with robotics and gravimetric blending
  • Precision molds and finely-tuned processes monitored several times a day by highly trained production technicians, supervisors and QA inspectors
  • SPC controls and ongoing training ensure consistent technical excellence
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance on all molds and equipment
  • Dedicated mold setters provide fast, safe, damage-free change-overs
  • Mold makers for small parts, mold repair, and prototyping
  • In-house machine shop provides fast, expert response for fabrications and repairs. Both CNC and EDM capabilities
  • 100% air-conditioned plant provides constant temperature and humidity control for better repeatability and higher quality
  • High productivity and low scrap rates
  • Full-time maintenance crew for all grounds, including building repairs and upgrades
  • Proven contract molding expertise and capabilities with the same excellence we require for our own products


  • Resins meet the highest, repeatable standards
  • Custom-blended formulations ensure consistent and uniform quality throughout the line
  • Custom-matched colors allow customers a wide array of possibilities while meeting health and safety requirements
  • Quick to analyze and utilize improved materials, colors, and processes to benefit customers
  • Eco-friendly approach to product design and packaging emphasizes efficiency to reduce waste
  • UV-protected materials to prevent color fading


  • Five modern facilities provide over a million square feet of manufacturing and storage space
  • Rail siding ensures prompt, environmentally-friendly delivery of material and better control over storage
  • Advanced mixing silo, eight stories high, enables consistent material mixing. This capability allows us to deliver superior products to our customers

Design & Engineering Excellence:

  • Deep commitment to using American ingenuity to create products that enrich consumer’s lives
  • 200 issued patents, with more than two dozen pending, ensuring a steady stream of new, exciting products
  • Over 100 years of combined engineering and design expertise enables us to create the best products at the lowest price
  • Highly driven to design products that are “plastic-efficient” and work well
  • In-house EDM, CNC, and ancillary capabilities allow us to build both prototype and production molds quickly and well
  • Strong working relationship with specialized North American mold builders help us provide the latest tooling technology
  • CAD expertise and 3-D prototyping speed up the cycle of product introduction

ASTM Testing & Quality Assurance:

  • Residential and commercial furniture routinely passes the rigorous American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM) Standards
  • Incoming material is tested for quality and reliability
  • All products inspected per shift prior to packaging
  • Quality related items are documented in both electronic and hard-copy form

Distribution & Shipping:

  • Unparalleled reputation for on-time delivery has earned Adams Mfg. exceptional shipping ratings from North America’s leading retailers
  • Ideally equipped and staffed with multi-shift logistics centers to handle any customer shipping requirement—from single small pack box to multiple truck loads
  • Our logistical experts pride themselves on preparing shipments to minimize customer handling issues
  • Extensive eCommerce fulfillment experience
  • Over 25 years of proven logistics experience shipping globally (truck, rail, air and boat) ensure that our customers receive expedited delivery at optimal cost
  • Costs are reduced by our strategically located shipping points that are optimally positioned for easy accessibility to major highways and DCs throughout North America

Adams Manufacturing