Is your furniture designed for residential or commercial use?

Both. Adams offers both a residential line of resin furniture and a commercial line. All of our furniture is tested to meet ASTM standards, although our commercial line is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use, and is tested to more demanding non-residential standards.

​What makes your furniture a step above the competition?

Some would have you believe that a chair is just a chair; or a rocking chair is just a rocking chair. But we beg to differ. As a leader in resin furniture and accessories, we have always used innovation to make our products better. Our never-ending pursuit of manufacturing excellence allows us to deliver these products at the highest possible quality and value.

Can I get a price quote?

Absolutely! Getting a no-obligation price quote on any of our products is easy. Simply call customer service at 800.237.8287, option 2 when prompted.

​What colors are available for your furniture? Can I customize with my own color?

Although Adams’ color line up is quite extensive, not all colors are available for every product. Check our website product pages for available colors per SKU, or contact customer service for details. Although we do have the capability of providing custom colors, these orders are generally quite large and must meet minimum order thresholds as determined by our sales department.

​Can I buy your furniture at a retail store or do I need to order directly from Adams?

Our residential furniture can be found in many of North America’s largest big box or hardware retailers. Visit our Where to Buy page to find a participating retailer near you.

​Is your furniture recyclable?

Yes. As a responsible U.S.-based manufacturer, Adams Manufacturing takes environmental stewardship very seriously.

Adams Manufacturing products are 100% recyclable through established or inclusive recycling programs. For example, Waste Management, Inc. (North America's leading provider of integrated environmental solutions) has verified that our resin furniture does qualify as a recyclable product that is eligible for pick up.

Adams understands that every recycling program has its own set of guidelines and collection practices, and we strongly encourage customers to check with their local municipality or waste management provider to verify specific recycling policies.

​What is the best way to clean your resin furniture?

Soap and water.

​Is your furniture UV-protected, or will the sun cause it to fade?

Yes, our furniture is UV-protected, which does help prevent color fading. But like any plastic product, degradation will occur over time.

​Is your furniture packaged for LTL or drop ship?

Most shipments are packed for LTL, although some case goods will ship ground service. Please contact customer service to arrange shipping.

Is your furniture ready for immediate shipping?

Most items are in stock and can be shipped approximately three to four days after order placement. If your desired quantity is not in stock, please allow an additional two to three weeks for production. Please contact customer service for a more accurate ship date.

​Do I need to place a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum order requirement for furniture is $500.00 USD and $350.00 USD for accessories. Product orders must be purchased in case packs or stack counts. For smaller consumer quantities, we recommend visiting our Where to Buy page to find a participating retailer near you.

Where can I find a list of your current furniture patents?

All furniture patents can be found here.

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