Light Clips

Light up the house and the seasonal category with the world’s top-selling, best-engineered brand of light clips.

Extremely easy to use and install, our wide range of light clips are designed to fit almost any gutter, shingle or roof edge (and even deck railings)—working perfectly with C-sized bulbs, mini, icicle, rope, LED, incandescent, and even newer style lights.

Available at leading U.S. retailers, Adams’ light clips were developed to meet the diverse needs of consumers—from those looking for quick set up and breakdown, to customers who prefer to create more elaborate and polished lighting displays.


Commercial Light Clips

Step up to pro-grade with our Commercial Christmas Hardware-branded light clips—designed for and used by professional decorators and serious do-it-yourselfers.

Incorporating robust features like UV-stabilizers and heavy-duty reinforced designs, our CCH-brand delivers season-after-season of high performance, even under the most demanding holiday decorating applications.

Whether you’re looking for a clip that focuses on a single lighting type or one with universal functionality, our installation-friendly CCH light clips are engineered for maximum precision, utility, and time-savings.


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